Network Operation Center

Optimal use of time and resources is today the need-of-the-hour rather than a goal to accomplish. With more business than ever to take care of, and with technology changing at a rapid pace, it makes perfect sense for your business to leave the management of your network operations center (NOC) to an expert service provider such as Ragsan Technologies.

Ragsan Technologies Managed NOC Services predominantly monitors thousands of connected network devices, quickly resolve any issues and ensure each of the devices are functioning smoothly. Under the constant supervision of our IT experts, all these NOCs work seamlessly and securely 24/7. Our unique network monitoring mechanism effectively identifies your network components that are slowing down or failing, and it does so in real time. It remediates the issue within no time, so you don’t even know that there was a problem unless we tell you.

Learn how Ragsan Technologies Managed NOC Services deliver excellent Network Uptime Support to all the clients.

Network Operation

Our Network Operation Services

Reduce Disruption with Predictive Analysis

Ragsan Technologies advanced network infrastructure uses cutting-edge artificial intelligence system that helps our NOC Engineers to supervise, troubleshoot and monitor your network devices, so there is no chance of disruption. We are experts in finding issues in the faulty components and resolving it immediately before it impacts the business continuity. 


Comprehensive Reporting

At Ragsan Technologies, we offer in-depth enterprise infrastructure monitoring reports, which provide your network managers with a helpful summary of network performance and hardware-health insights. With our comprehensive reports, managers can instantly quantify the number of failing devices or determine which poor performing elements need their attention most.

Hardware Insights

We also take pride in providing actionable hardware insights for network professionals that help them to be aware of the hardware performance and any failing devices that need instant replacement.

Scale Your Business to Next Level

We offer a comprehensive network management solution which is any day scalable with no minimum requirement. Also, we offer a customized package to clients which covers just incidents alerts, or NOC and Helpdesk Tier1 to Tier3 support, or comprehensive network management services.

Advanced Techniques to Block Rogue Devices and IPs.

Sometimes, network management processes are not able to detect rogue devices which may possess signification risk to the organization’s network. However, at ExterNetworks Network Operations Center, our active scanning of each new devices and suspicious activity ensures your NOC is always secured from rogue devices.


Always There

With Ragsan Technologies as your Managed Service Provider, you have the peace of mind of having expert NOC engineers working 24/7 and 365 days a year at ensuring your network has the best uptime and performance, preventing cyber-attacks in advance and minimizing threat risks. All this at a convenient cost, customized for your network needs.

Network Bandwidth Optimization & latency Issue Resolution

The high-functioning infrastructure and our active network monitoring tools use a DEEP packet analysis technique that filter out the packets and evaluate the primary source of the network’s traffic. This allows us to find the reasons for the network latency as well as main glitches in network security and performance application.


Unrivaled Efficiency

Our team of highly skilled NOC Engineers proactively monitor networks round the clock and ensures your network performance is not compromised. Our outsourced NOC services will make sure you have expert hands supporting your NOC needs, just like big players in the market have, so your organization benefits from a level playing field. And all of this for no extra time at your cost.

24/7 Managed IT Services

With Ragsan Technologies Managed NOC Services, you need not worry about your network operations such as continuous network monitoring for your critical communications devices for you and your customers, data security, data backup, troubleshooting, routing, and switching, fighting off malware and all the work that is needed for the upkeep of wireless networks and software applications.

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